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Forest Folk

Who is is for?

Forest Folk is for adults with mental health needs. 

When/Where does it happen? 

Our Forest Folk session are in Chopwell Woodland Park, between 10 and 3pm

On the last Sunday of every month...

How will I get there?

There is a return-minibus that collects participants from Newcastle City, or you can make your own way there. 

What activities will I take part in? 

Our sessions are a great day in the woods cooking healthy food on the fire, learning new bushcraft and creative skills and relaxing in nature with great company. (+Easy access for limited mobility).  

How do I join, or refer someone? 

You can refer someone to our group, or you can self refer. All you need to do is send us an email or send us a msg/give us a call 07713642169 Or complete this simple form

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Photos by Ernie Paxton

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