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Kitchen Garden

Who is is for?

Anyone who is interested in gardening and improving their wellbeing.  

When/Where does it happen? 

We meet weekly on Thursdays at St Antony's Allotments, Walker, Grasmere House, Grasmere Ave, Walker, Newcastle upon Tyne NE6 2QU

and weekly on Wednesdays at Byker Community Allotment (behind the Cumberland Arms)


Thursdays: 10-3 (Drop in) Walker

Wednesdays 10-3 (Drop in) Byker

What activities will I take part in? 

Our sessions are a relaxed and social space where you can get get involved in any way you like. There are always lots of gardening jobs to do and we also offer creative tasks, building, making and time for socialising over tea and coffee. 

How do I join, or refer someone? 

You must be booked on to join us, or 

message/call 07713642169

or complete our simple form

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