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Our wellbeing groups are all about improving mental health and wellbeing by reconnecting to nature and to community. Based on research, our approach is evidence-based, person-centred and holistic.


Scroll down to see our calendar of groups below (in can be a bit slow to load!) then click on any of the dates to find out more.


In our groups you'll learn new practical skills from bushcraft to gardening, to environmental arts and crafts, practise some wellbeing techniques and meet new friends all whilst spending time outdoors relaxing in a peaceful natural setting. 


We also have training and volunteering opportunities for those who have tried our programmes and would like to develop their skills working in the outdoors and helping others to access nature to improve their wellbeing and support their mental health. 

We meet in woodland sites and allotments around the North East, click on any of the groups below to find out where and when we meet there. To join us, simply get in touch by clicking the link below, or emailing us at or messaging 07713642169. Once you're signed up with us, you can join any of our groups. 


“Love it so much, gives me time away from all my stressful life and relax in the beautiful woods." 


“It helps me to be more more relaxed as the way I feel after Forest School stays with me for a couple of days, Mindful and chilled"

"It's the only place where I feel I can be myself, it's like we're in this little safe bubble and the whole world stops for a while when we're here"

"After two years of isolation, we tried supporting 'T' to join other groups however they were too overwhelming she ended up back in hospital, but after half an hour with you she was chatting about the past, making friends and telling jokes!"




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