Our Wild Women days are women only events inspired by the forest school ethos, hands on practical session in Chopwell Woodland Park and supported by Forestry England.


Each day is unique and explores the magic of foraging and cooking on an open fire, relaxing in tree hammocks and swings, using green wood working tools, spending time with a small community of women and connecting with yourself and nature.

Suitable for all women over the age of 16 and and for all abilities from beginners to experienced bush-crafters. 


For those starting out: 

Learn how to light a fire using traditional techniques, forage for seasonal plants and use them to cook a meal such as pizzas, stews, breads, jams, salads and pancakes and learn some basic whittling skills. 

For those more experienced:

A chance to play, practise and experiment with us, creating new recipes, developing skills such as new fire-lighting techniques, resources and foraging skills or inspiration for new woodland craft projects. 

Our Wild Women days have been developed to take positive action to encourage women to take part in outdoor activities. Women are under-represented in these types of activities, have a low record of participation and have a past track record of disadvantage in accessing these activities.